A Minor Engagement and Other Stories
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A Minor Engagement and Other Stories

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Donald J. Young
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THE REUNION (The New International Library, Inc.)I have read your book, called THE REUNION with interest and excitement. I think of the originality of the whole conception and swift pace with which you carry it off. Mark Shorer, writer and critic.

THE LIONS SHARE (Avranches Press)
Thanks for the gift of THE LIONS SHARE, which Ive read practically in one sitting with considerable admiration. The book is wonderfully readable. Paul Fussell, author of the classical study of war, THE GREAT WAR AND MODERN MEMORY.
Thanks for sending me your novel THE LIONS SHARE, which I have now read and enjoyed very much. You have a wonderful way with words and scenes. As Paul Fussel says, the book is wonderfully readable. Stephen E. Ambrose, author of CITIZEN SOLDIERS.
I liked your book (THE LIONS SHARE). It rings true. Only someone who was there could have written it. John Toland, author of BATTLE: THE STORY OF THE BULGE.

Ive never read a more powerful anti-war novel than THE BATTLE FOR SNOW MOUONTAIN, not that its an anti-war novel in an ideological sense or a political novel. The reader shares the fact that no one knew what was going on, the blinding snowstorms working beautifully. There is the quixotic pair, idealistic and realistic, but again not as symbols, but as real people. John Dizikes, formerly Professor in the American Studies Program at the University of California, Santa Cruz..

TOMS WAR (Avranches Press)
The poems (in TOMS WAR) have clarity, force, the feeling of a true and heartfelt report. Robert Pinsky, formerly Poet Laureate.

NEW VISTAS (Avranches Press)
Many thanks for sending me NEW VISTAS. Ive been reading the poems with great pleasure. Stephen Greenblatt, author of the highly acclaimed book on Shakespeare, WILL IN THE WORLD.
I thank you for the your wonderful poems in NEW VISTAS, so vivid and fresh. I read them slowly over several months and very much enjoyed them. Jay Parini, author of the excellent book, ROBERT FROST, THE LIFE.