Shadowed Reflections
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Shadowed Reflections

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The poetry of Shadowed Reflections speaks to the intimate nature of the introspective moments of life. This collection includes three short stories that proceed each section. The character is everyone. She has no name. She has the face of every man and woman. She questions and in return, also answers. The stories represent questions a person may have at different phases of life and how to draw from inner strength: God designed strength to get through difficult challenges. The poetry expresses love and understanding of self; understanding for love and strength of the source of all that keeps most people just on the other side of what some may consider "insanity". The inner voice of the average person is all of us. Relatable to our own questions about ourselves, Shadowed Reflections digs inward to find out why we feel so deeply and how these feelings affect the next steps we take. One's connection to the truest form of themselves is displayed in the pages of Shadowed Reflections.