My Husband's a Pastor Lord Help!
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My Husband's a Pastor Lord Help!

A Spiritual Guide for Pastors’ Wives
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Starr Neal
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The thoughts that appear in this book are the opinions and personal observations of the writer only. No statistics have been sourced to validate any of the statements, except for the words from the Bible and the specific footnoted items.
The book is written to encourage and strengthen the wives of pastors everywhere. It is a reminder to us all that the battle is not oursits the Lords. Being in ministry is not easy, but with Gods help, all things are possible. In this book, there are topics about the pastors wife, her role, her abilities, her influence, and her value. It continues by highlighting how the pastors wife is perceived in the eyes of others, and more importantly, it shows how God sees her.

This book will reveal the heart of the pastor-husbands and why they have such a passion for the work they do as well as why they need their wives to be by their side. It will also give insight into the emotions and feelings of pastors wives and why they do what they do.

This book can be used as a weapon or a tooldepending on how you use it. As you read, you will notice the use of scriptures throughout the work. These words of God will add a biblical perspective to the thoughts and observations discussed in these pages.

The scenarios that are highlighted in the book are presented as reference points by which to gauge your own situations.

A list of most of the embedded scriptures appears as a separate page in the book for your use as a reference guide.