Blood Rose
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Blood Rose

From Decision to Deception
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Nina T. Beasley
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Katherine Henderson is a woman who grew up from a rather poor background and went to school with peers she could not fit in with. After a past fail of two potential romances, she decides early in life that she is done pining for love. She settles down with a young man during her college years, but fate deals her a few twists, and he develops habits that she either can learn to accept and can never change or walk away from.
Ingrained with the heavy belief that her children can and will not be without their father, this battle with self-esteem problems plus her and Lances two children together both wears her down and keeps her turning back every time no matter what.

When she finds some other things she really doesnt like, and truth becomes more real than love ever was to her, what is she to do?