What Is God’S Will for an Eighty-Plus-Year-Old Preacher?
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What Is God’S Will for an Eighty-Plus-Year-Old Preacher?

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David Savage Sr.
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In these eighty-one years I have lived here on earth and the fi fty two years I havebeen blessed to preach the gospel from coast to coast preaching here and there,
from east to west from north to south, traveling by auto and airplane and I ask
myself after all these years how did I make it and every time it come back to me "By
the Grace of God", I have never considered myself as one that is smart and the Lord
have allowed me to write this my second book and get them published, produce two
sermons on DVD and record a CD's with fourteen songs on it after passing out earlier
that same day while preaching a sermon so I think this is a great accomplishment for
a common everyday preacher from Selma AL. with a little education. God have been
mighty good to me, my family and the people I have preached to over the years.
All of my family of six is dead but my sister and myself and she is eighty years old
herself and lives alone. It seem that the people of today don't know that God exist and
controls everything and that we are on a death wish and a hell scrap, the Devil is on a
least trying to take over the world and the church, all he have to do is get us to shut
our mouths and it's a done deal. So brother preacher" it's time", time for us to wake
up, time to get up, time to speak up, time to stand up and start talking and living for
Jesus. This has been my calling and I hope it is yours whether you are in a preaching
ministry or not, now is the time for all of God's people to tell the story of his suffering
under Pilate and on the cross, his death, his resurrection, his ascension to the Father in
Heaven, and his coming again for those who love him.