Everybody Does Business
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Everybody Does Business

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Harry Brooks
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Harry was born and raised in Philadelphia. He always had a penchant for writing, and during his business career, he was a frequent contributor to both trade and financial publications. After retiring from his business in 1989, he wrote his first novel. Since then, he has written five other novels and one unproduced screenplay. He presently writes for a local monthly publication.Harry and his wife live in suburban Philadelphia.

Praise for Harry Brooks Novel
A Family Secret

Im always fascinated at the way a book translates into a film, but the more I get into this one, the more it becomes a living thing. Things begin to play on multiple levels, characters take on different depth and dimension, and scenes create and recreate themselves
Yabo Yabionsky
Hollywood, California

You cannot be neutral about the characters in Harry Brooks novels. You love them, hate them, wish them away, or want more of them. Having worked with many novelists over the past fifteen years, I can honestly say Harry Brooks has his own style. He is a very good writer.
Jay Berger
Circulation Management Associates
Springfield, Massachusetts