In My Will to Reach the Sky
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In My Will to Reach the Sky

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Everyones life is their own story, in which we are the characters involved and God is The Narrator in the overall tale of our lives. In my book, In My Will to Reach the Sky, it is a collection of poems that I began writing since the age of 18 when I discovered my passion for writing poetry. In 2005, I was spiritually and mentally immature to understand the full aspects of lifes endeavors but not too immature to know and experience the emotions that came from it. With much to say, I disentangled my thoughts through pen and paper for only my eyes to see. Now at age 27, I have learned to welcome the challenges that life offers only to know Ive grown from it. It began in stages as an adolescent and continued into adulthood. Most of my family does not know this part of me, which is in part why I now share it with family and friends. This book is about failure and pain, but also about love, strength, redemption, and ambition. This is a story like no other, of a broken spirit seeking salvation from himself. Some poems are more painful than others, but in the end, my faith and point of salvation are unsheathed; my purpose has become transparent and I am now aware to the reason of my existence. Prepare yourselves as I take you along the path I took In My Will to Reach the Sky.