A Rainbow in My Heart
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A Rainbow in My Heart

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Russell Brandon
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Its starting to get to me. Almost daily we hear about acts of violence towards women and children. It was some of the worst examples of this that motivated me to start writing this book.There are more motivations. They are mostly things that society has become accepting of because they seem to be the norm.
They are the things that make me want to shout; Hey this is wrong. We shouldnt just accept it because everyone else is doing it.
And there are so many things I want to tell my grandchildren about navigating a path through life that follows the example Jesus set. Mostly, they are about avoiding a lifetime of mistakes - the same mistakes I made.
But what kid wants to listen to a lecture by an old man, regardless of how much they love him. After all, he belongs to a bygone era and doesnt really understand what its like to grow up in these modern times.
So I have composed a little story that allows me to share an old mans advice with his grandchildren, and yours, and all their parents as well. Its a story of friendship, love and loss in a modern era; in fact, whichever era they are growing up in. I know it is an ageless story because it talks about living a life that simply follows the example that Jesus set over two thousand years ago. It has not changed in all that time, and will not change until He comes again.
Its all about doing life in a broken world, but living a life that makes a difference.