Noto of Java Ii
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Noto of Java Ii

The Rebirth
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Jono Hardjowirogo
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The wedding of the century between Noto and Yanti was supposed to make the tie between the two kingdoms that much closer, yet it also makes the people of Solo realize just how well-off the people of Jogya truly are. They have their beloved sultan actually working for them, managing the province ably, while the sunan of Solo is basically powerless outside the palace wall. The people demanded that the two kingdoms be merged. The solution made Noto the crown prince of both kingdoms, a position that will eventually make him the king of the new kingdom, the Kingdom of New Mataram.
Notos struggle with Nyai Roro Kidul escalated as he proceeded to destroy all the ill-gotten accursed weapons in the armories of Jogya and Solo. Notos attempt to rid of superstitions from among the Javanese while not falling into the clasp of Muslim fundamentalism forced him to thread a fine line guided by several of his elders.