Deliberate Optimism
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Deliberate Optimism

Reclaiming the Joy in Education
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Debbie Thompson Silver
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An essential tool to inspire individual teachers to reimagine the excitement that swept them through their early days of teaching.

Beat burnout and bring joy back to teaching—and learning.

Recharge the optimism that made you an educator in the first place! School is where students and staff should feel safe, engaged, and productive—and choosing optimism is the first step toward restoring healthy interactions necessary for enacting real change.

In this book, learn to implement the Five Principles of Deliberate Optimism. Research-based strategies, practical examples, and thought-provoking scenarios help you

  • Rediscover motivation

  • Take a positive view of events beyond your control

  • Build an optimistic classroom where students flourish

  • Partner with other stakeholders to create an optimistic learning environment

Take the road to new potential and positive outcomes! With a healthy dose of humor to make it fun, Deliberate Optimism shows you the actual differences a change in attitude can make.

"This book provides a framework for taking responsibility in classrooms, choosing to see the positives, dealing with problems rather than dwelling on them, recognizing choices are always available, and building relationships with all in the school community."

Charla Buford Bunker, Literacy Specialist
Great Falls High School
Sun River, MT

"The authors have a realistic view of a teacher’s daily life and provide realistic solutions for teachers to embrace optimism and positivity in a myriad of situations."

Kati Searcy, Teacher
Mountain Park ES
Roswell, GA

"This book is a nice synthesis of current research and classic literature about climate, culture, and the environmental context of the classroom and the teachers’ lounge."

Chris Hubbuch, Principal
Excelsior Springs Middle School



About the Authors


Chapter 1. Choosing to Become a Teacher Is a Telling Vote for Optimism

Chapter 2. I′m Not an Optimist, but Hopefully, One Day I Will Be

Chapter 3. "But We Have This ONE Teacher Who Keeps Ruining Things for Everyone!"

Chapter 4. Building Healthy Relationships and an Optimistic Shared Community

Chapter 5. Creating the Optimistic Classroom: Building a Relationship Culture

Chapter 6. Reclaiming the Joy in Our Classrooms and Our Curriculum

Chapter 7. Balancing Your Life to Promote Optimism

Chapter 8. Joyful School Communities: The Sum of Their Parts