Cases in Nonprofit Management
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Cases in Nonprofit Management

A Hands-On Approach to Problem Solving
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Pat Libby
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Case Studies in Nonprofit Management consists of original cases that are designed to teach students how to apply leadership and management principles that are essential for any nonprofit professional. 

"Libby and Detrick have compiled their extensive knowledge of the real issues that face our nonprofit sector to help students glean important lessons from each case.  It is refreshing to have such a tool to assist in the education of our future nonprofit leaders."

—Emma A. Powell, Western Michigan University


Case Studies in Nonprofit Management by Pat Libby and Laura Deitrick consists of original cases that are designed to teach students how to think critically, hone their decision-making skills, and learn to apply leadership and management principles that are essential for any nonprofit professional. These case studies illustrate the multifaceted nature of the nonprofit management sector and bring concepts like nonprofit leadership, risk management, advocacy, and grant making to life.

Chapter 1: Nature of the Sector


Case 1.1: Social Enterprise within a Nonprofit Organization

Case 1.2: To Start or Aid an Existing Organization

Case 1.3: When Mission and Money Collide

Case 1.4: Why Bylaws Matter

Chapter 2: Board of Directors


Case 2.1: Conflict of Interest

Case 2.2: Hiring Board Members as Staff

Case 2.3: The Board’s Role in CEO Evaluation

Case 2.4: The Rubber Stamp Board

Chapter 3: Executive Leadership


Case 3.1: The Board’s Role in Executive Transition

Case 3.2: CEO Pay

Case 3.3: Challenges of Executive Search

Case 3.4: Toxic Leadership

Chapter 4: Measuring Performance


Case 4.1: Establishing Metrics

Case 4.2: When Outcomes Fail to Meet Established Benchmarks

Case 4.3: When the Program Isn’t Working

Chapter 5: Strategic Decision Making


Case 5.1: Generating Revenue by Selling Assets

Case 5.2: Policy Disputes

Case 5.3: Setting Strategy

Chapter 6: Human Resource Management


Case 6.1: Policies and Procedures for Staff Members in Crisis

Case 6.2: Employee Substance Abuse

Case 6.3: Volunteers Ignoring the Rules

Case 6.4: When Volunteers Run Amok

Chapter 7: Risk Management


Case 7.1: Stolen Information

Case 7.2: Theft

Case 7.3: Vulnerable Populations

Case 7.4: Workplace Accidents

Chapter 8: Public Relations and Marketing


Case 8.1: A Change in Policy with Unforeseen Consequences

Case 8.2: Celebrity Endorsements

Case 8.3: Dealing with the Press

Case 8.4: Devising Marketing Strategies

Chapter 9: Generating Revenue


Case 9.1: Donor Management

Case 9.2: Endowments

Case 9.3: Accounting for Fundraising Costs

Chapter 10: Financial Management


Case 10.1: Decision Making

Case 10.2: Misallocation of Grant Money

Case 10.3: Transparency

Chapter 11: Advocacy and Lobbying


Case 11.1: Meeting Your Mission

Case 11.2: Public Policy Versus the Bottom Line

Case 11.3: Staff Advocacy

Chapter 12: Technology


Case 12.1: Internal Systems

Case 12.2: Integrating Technology

Case 12.3: Social Media

Chapter 13: Grantmaking


Case 13.1: Deciding When to Hire Staff

Case 13.2: Donor Advised Funds

Case 13.3: Foundation-Initiated Collaboration

Case 13.4: When a Foundation Accomplishes Its Mission

Chapter 14: International Nonprofits


Case 14.1: Cross-Cultural Clash

Case 14.2: NGO Accountability

Case 14.3: The Organic Nonprofit

Case 14.4: When Donors Don’t Want to Fund Overhead