Randomized Response and Related Methods
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Randomized Response and Related Methods

Surveying Sensitive Data
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James Alan Fox
Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences
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A fully updated and accessible overview of randomized response
Randomized response is a data collection strategy specifically designed for surveys of a sensitive nature. By establishing a probabilistic connection between question and answer, randomized response and related methods protect respondents who are asked to disclose personal information. Covering a half century of theoretical and applied research, the Second Edition significantly updates and expands what was, at the time, the first comprehensive and practical guide to randomized response.
1. Surveying Sensitive Topics

Asking Sensitive Questions

Types of Errors in Surveys

Ethical Issues in Surveys

Legal Means of Privacy Protections

Privacy Protection Through Anonymity

Confidentiality and Privacy Protection

Need for an Alternative Strategy

2. The Randomized Response Technique

Warner′s Randomized Response Design

Unrelated Question Approach

Forced Alternative Response

Repeat Randomization

3. Design Considerations in Randomized Response

Alternative Question Content

Randomizing Devise and Question Selection Probability

Distribution of Alternative Questions

Reconciling Respondent Hazards and Efficiency

4. Alternatives to Randomized Response

Non-Randomized Response

Use of Lists and Counts

5. Extensions of Randomized Response

Generalization to Polychotomous Measures

Untruthful Respondents as a Special Group

Extension to Quantitative Measures

6. Analyzing Randomized Response Data

Measures of Association

Randomized Response as Disclosure Control

An Alternative Formulation

Randomized Response Software

7. Applications of Randomized Response Methods

Substantive Applications

Comparison Studies

Validation Research

8. Epilogue