Student Voice
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Student Voice

The Instrument of Change
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Russell J. Quaglia
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Incorporating data from over one million students, this book is designed to share the truth of what students think about school with educators who want to make a difference.

Meaningful school reform starts with your most powerful partner—your students!

Students have plenty of opinions when it comes to school, and they’re not all about free ice cream in the cafeteria. When you take time to listen, you’ll find that students’ aspirations can drive your school toward exciting new goals. And when students know they’re being heard, they develop self-worth, engage meaningfully in their own academic success, and become purposeful in their educations.

This groundbreaking book presents a blueprint for enacting a successful partnership between educators and students. You’ll discover how to

  • Ask the right questions—and understand how to build from the answers you get

  • Engage students in decision-making and improvement-related processes

  • Implement the Aspirations Framework to guide students toward achieving their full potential

Filled with examples drawn from student surveys, focus groups, field observations, and interviews, this unique resource prepares you to lead with the sure knowledge that your students can and will want to join you.

"This book speaks to a movement that many people talk about but few act upon, Student Voice. Quaglia and Corso have lived their professional careers listening to students and acting on what they have heard. Now they share what it takes for education to truly become student-centered."

—Raymond J. McNulty, Dean of the School of Education
Southern New Hampshire University

"Words cannot accurately capture my impression. It is simply the best education book I′ve ever read. I′m blown away by the quality, humility, simplicity and complexity, and call to action."

—Robert Neu, Superintendent
Oklahoma City Public Schools


Introduction: It′s Time to Listen

I. Listening

1. Student Aspirations

Dreaming and Doing

The Aspirations Profile

2. The Aspirations Framework

Guiding Principles

Conditions in Schools

Learning to Listen

II. Learning

3. Reality is Not the Enemy

Listening to Learn

Ignorance of Reality is the Enemy

Listening Broadly

4. Students Speak About Self-Worth

Condition 1: Belonging

Condition 2: Heroes

Condition 3: Sense of Accomplishment

5. Students Speak About Engagement

Condition 4: Fun & Excitement

Condition 5: Curiosity & Creativity

Condition 6: Spirit of Adventure

6. Students Speak About Purpose

Condition 7: Leadership & Responsibility

Condition 8: Confidence to Take Action

III. Leading

7. Students as Co-Leaders

The Current Cacophony

8. The Context of Leadership

Aspirations and the Whole Child

Aspirations and Maslow′s Hierarchy of Needs

Aspirations as Curriculum

Aspirations in the 21st Century

9. From Student Voice to Our Choice