The Attaché
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The Attaché

Rise of the West
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C.A. Oganga
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Amber in her own way mourns with Ivan who tries to cope with his loss, and together, they subtly rope Robin into their world by trying to explain the bizarreness in the occurrence of the tragedy.
The three friends gather to pay their last respects to Dimitri Izhevsk, Ivans dad. They struggle with that reality, trying to comprehend the circumstance behind it.
Eventually, life begins to smoothen into normalcy and quickly, it disintegrates, and the three friends have to part ways. Amber and Ivan journey off to their responsibilities as Dylii in their respective factions while Robin heads off to Barcelona to be with her family, having just discovered that her parents are getting back together.

Ambers journey begins in Nairobi where she is propelled into truths that she struggles to deal with. She losses her support system, plunging her into uncertainty. She struggles to find a balance between a normal life and her Dylii existence.

Ivans return to the Western Faction comes with challenges that he must face. A lot is expected of him, most importantly, unwavering loyalty and obedience. He is faced with his most important mission yet, which lands him in dreadful trouble.

He must tread carefully to survive the wrath of the West.