Designer Prayer
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Designer Prayer

Learning to Pray in the New Covenant
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Luella Campbell
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Once again, as with my previous book, The Heartbeat of Holiness, Designer Prayer is an attempt to respond to the many books I have read on prayer which approach the subject from every angle except from the solid foundation of Scripture. It is not surprising that many of the books reflect confusion between the Old and New Covenants despite the clear teaching of the Word of God. Many follow the great international prayer movements which base much of their teachings on the Old Covenant. This makes effective prayer a complicated exercise for many of Gods children. It is little wonder that many believers neglect prayer or pray half-heartedly or ineffectively because they just dont know how to pray.
My exploration of prayer in the New Covenant has led me into the most liberating and exhilarating experience of my life as I have discovered how simple God intended prayer to be. Since, in the New Covenant, Jesus has accomplished everything for us and given us everything we need, prayer needs no longer to be a laborious exercise but a joyful expression of gratitude that we can enter by faith into everything He has provided for us.

With joyful confidence in the one who made possible this blessed life in Christ Jesus, find rest in the bosom of the Father who loves you with furious passion. Through Christ Jesus, you are His righteous, holy and beloved children. You are free to approach Him as Abba. He has promised you all things in His Son. No more whining! No more pleading! No more bargaining! A joyful thank you is the essence of prayer in the New Covenant.