The Tuaregs and the 2012 Rebellion in Mali
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The Tuaregs and the 2012 Rebellion in Mali

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Yusuf Ibrahim Gamawa
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As this book goes to print, the BBC is reporting an attack on a luxury tourist resort in Mali by Tuareg and Islamists militants. A very short while back, in 2012, in fact, the rebellion in the North came within a whisker of seizing Mali. If it had not been for the timely armed intervention of France, Mali might have become the first state to fall totally into the hands of elements the West and African governments are still battling in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Niger, Nigeria and Somalia and who unleash terror on Europe on an almost daily basis. The story of ancient Mali, once one of the greatest empires Africa has ever seen, colonized by the French and now an independent African state, and its never-ending clashes with the Tuareg people in the North of the country, is as gripping and as dramatic today as then. What is really happening? Who are the Tuareg? What makes them so different? Are they really the descendants of the Almoravids, who conquered Spain and left the stunning beauties of the Alhambra and Granada as testimonies of their greatness? Unique, with their own proud and romantic culture, dominating all they come in contact with, the Tuareg refuse to be ruled.In The Tuaregs and the 2012 Rebellion in Mali, Ibrahim Yusuf Gamawa compellingly tells a story that is not yet ended. But he brings it up to date and future waits in the wings to unfold the next no doubt tragic but compelling chapters. It is an ancient story, as contemporary as tomorrows headlines.