The True Worship Song Is Withdrawn from the Bank Account of Adversity
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The True Worship Song Is Withdrawn from the Bank Account of Adversity

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Gideon Cebekhulu
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The main purpose of this book is to start a conversation with a reader so that together we can search the MAN that God Created in his Image and after his Likeness. If we are lazy to search, we can simply call this Man Adam and we move on with the reading of the Bible. I think if we can go deeper than that, maybe we can find out that this Man is my Heart which is both Male ( Lord Jehova/ my Husband/ the Bridegroom/Heaven) and the Female which is my Heart ( Israel/ Wife/ Bride of the Lamb etc). Male and Female created he them If I believe this is true, I think it will help me to understand the Bible even better by removing the parables. This will also help me to know that the Bible is talking to me right now and it is not a story that took place somewhere. I think we all know that the Bible is spiritual and therefore it talks to my Heart/ my Soul and I know her as Gideon. My Heart is both Male + Female hence we talk about the marriage with the Lamb and my heart is the bride in this case. To try and explain myself, I would say : The Parable of the Ten Virgins will be : The Bridegroom will be Lord Jesus Christ and Ten Virgins will be my Heart ( 1 side with faith & other without.)