A Simple Universal Fact
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A Simple Universal Fact

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Kennith Howroyd
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Its amazing how many people live their lives every day in a routine manner without giving any thought as to why we are. If there is a reason, what would this reason be, and would it affect mankind in any way? Should he be concerned? Would it provide an answer explaining why he is here? Will his future be affected in any way? Would mankind ever be able to solve the basic problems he faces? Can he and his family have a happy future? The questions he asks himself, is he able to find all the answers?
This book help will help you understand why we are here on earth. It will answer all your basic questions regarding what is really happening today on earth and what did happen in the past. This book will help point out to you how to make the correct basic decisions in life, obtaining the correct knowledge. This will help you face and overcome certain habits. This book will motivate you to have a positive attitude towards life despite the challenges you may face daily. This book will expose most of the lies being promoted in todays society. When you have finished reading this book, you will understand your purpose for being here on earth.