The Phoenix from Durban
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The Phoenix from Durban

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Dumisani Bapela
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After serving his sentence of 15 yrs he became a vagrant until went to a wrong farm that was own by a young man who could be twenty was antagonized by the drifting and he tied him to a tree with an aim of burning from the foot up to the whole body, and he left him alone as he wanted to die a slow death. Before the fire reaches the foot the real Phoenix came along by burning itself and rebirth from its ashes and with a wink of an eye the rain started and it extinguished the fire and the wood where his hands are tied broke off and he untied himself and he limped to the tar road where he found a lift from a stranger, he was then taken to hospital. Two years later he decided to do something as offering by giving any young person who matches his blood type a kidney. After trying of 10 people there was a perfect match with a young man who was very sick in a way that he lost too much weight. After the operation the donor didnt wake up. Two weeks later the young man recovered and asked the hospital official arrange the meeting with him so that he could thank him for saving his life, he was dejected to find out that donor who died after the operation was not only the guy he attempted on burning him alive but was infant his father. When his family died on fire he survived while hiding under the steps, and he was adopted by a man whom once represented by his father on murder charges while he was still a lawyer. He then visited the grave and cried as he didnt have a chance to say goodbye. His last words while talking to the grave and he said, I dont know how to call you, daddy or the Phoenix from Durban.