The Rising of Thovhedzo Richwoman
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The Rising of Thovhedzo Richwoman

4Th Dimension Racism in the Mining Industry (Rock Engineering)
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The book is based on the true story of Thovhedzo Richwoman and her journey to get to the top in the South African mining industry and the segregation she faces from white examiners and white bosses, until she decided the world has to stop burying its head in the sand and pretend that racism is a thing of the past when she started experiencing a nightmare she thought had gone with the coming of independence in 1994.
Thovhedzo aspires to become a rock engineer, and to get certified, she needs to write certain examinations. As she goes through this, she discovers that the color of your skin plays a big part pertaining to whether or not you will pass the exams. In addition to that, she also discovers that although many blacks are working hard at university to get degrees and get good jobs in the mining industry, those of white skin colour have an easier access to those same positions, even those with no university or any other college qualification, but merely based on the color of their skin.

The book highlights the stages Thovhedzo goes through to achieve what she sets out to achieve and takes the reader through different experiences she experiences in her life in her endeavour to get to the top. It shows us the frustrations she went through from continuously failing exams and not being awarded passes for exams initially passed. Her dreams were crushed by the oppressors through an organized network of diplomatic racism scheme. Over time, she finds herself imprisoned in hatred, resentment, low confidence, bitterness, and confusion.

The lesson she learns, besides endurance and forgiveness, is that people still pretend there are no race issues in South Africa, and this is what made her decide to highlight what she faced in the mining industry. Thovhedzo Richwoman wrote the book to do the following:

to raise an awareness of racism in the mining industry and how it destroys the career of young black professionals and hopefully get the attention from the right authorities to resolve the problem
To create platforms for individuals suffering from racism to speak out so that the issue can be addressed
to encourage transformation and make rock engineering accessible to all black and white people
to encourage the readers to dream and follow their dreams regardless of failure and obstacles along the way
help her accept her painful experience and that there is nothing she can do to change what happened. Make something good out of the traumatic experience and generate money from her past horrific experiences through the book sales