Rise up Against All Odds
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Rise up Against All Odds

Adversity to Advance B R a V E System
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Thandi Boshoma
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Everybody suffers adversities; Superheroes bounce back. Rise Up Against All Odds arouses you to reclaim the Superhero in you during the turbulence of adversities. Adversities make us feel like it is the end of the road and leave us discouraged, confused, shocked, defeated, hopeless, deprived, rejected, depleted, petrified, disempowered, betrayed, humiliated, undignified, destitute, insecure, wiped-out, powerless, frustrated and depressed. The book applies the BRAVE system, which is an acronym for Boldness, Resilience, Authenticity, Vision, Enthusiasm to help you navigate and deal with adversities. It equips you to face the headwinds of adversities while remaining solidly grounded applying Boldness. It enables you to emerge stronger and powerful applying Resilience. It teaches you to become true to yourself and your purpose despite the prevailing circumstances applying Authenticity. It navigates you to limitless possibilities to carve a trajectory of success for yourself applying Vision. No matter how gusty the intensity of your adversity, the book will energise and propel you to reach greater heights applying Enthusiasm. The book compels you to defy the odds and use your adversities to advance. Instead of seeing adversities as obstacles, you will view them as springboards to leap off to a world of abundance. You will learn how to rewrite your lifes storyline using your adversities to create a life with new meaning of richness, greatness, prosperity, liveliness, worthiness, empowerment, confidence, and fulfilment.