Surveying the Surging Immensity of Truth
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Surveying the Surging Immensity of Truth

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The road was busy with people of all walks of life, and the old man therefore rode while his son went on a foot. The first person they met asked the old man if he was not ashamed to ride by himself and suffer the poor little boy to wade along through the old man. This induced him to take up his son behind him. While he had not traveled far, he met another person who said they were two unmerciful beings to get both on the bicycle in such a terrible road. Upon this matter, the old man gets off and lets his son ride alone. The next person they met called the young boy ill-disciplined to ride in that manner while his aged father trudged along on foot, and he said an old man was such a fool for suffering it. The old man then bid his son to come down and to walk with him, leading the bicycle by the halter till they met another person who called them a couple of senseless blackheads for both going on foot in such a dirty way when they had an empty bicycle that they might ride upon. The old man could bear no longer. My son, said he, it grieves me much that we cannot please all these people. Let us throw the bicycle over the road and be no further troubled with it. Had the old man been seen acting this last resolution, he would have been called a fool for troubling himself about the different opinion of all that were trying to find a fault with him or his son.