The Maiden Voice
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The Maiden Voice

A Collection of Poems
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Friday Hamamba Hanene
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The Maiden Voice is the first collection of poems by Friday Hamamba Hanene covering different subjects of life. The motivation for writing the individual poems is as diverse as the subjects (themes), and the writer drew inspiration from both personal experiences and those of other people. The compilation also includes both real and fictional incidents or experiences, and some individuals and places named or portrayed may be actually real.
The collection is written in a clear-to-understand, rhyming language and is suitable for all age groups (teens and adults). The mental faculties are very awake in deep serenity when the mind does ponder and wander here and yonder. An experience, an incident, or nature may create an emotional spark that engulfs the whole being in an explosive flame. The muffled voice is then finally uttered.

Friday Hamamba Hanene is a Lusaka-based banker who has worked for Barclays Bank Zambia as well as Standard Chartered Bank Zambia. He attended Kanini Basic School, Kansenshi Secondary, and Hillcrest Senior Secondary School as well as the Copperbelt University.

He has been writing from a tender age, particularly verse, as a hobby. After a number of people came across some of his writings, they strongly urged him to consider publishing his works, and upon much contemplation, The Maiden Voice has been uttered.

He has a great penchant for reading and writing and a great deal of traveling (meeting people and sightseeing).