Bubble Booh and the Land of Virtues
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Bubble Booh and the Land of Virtues

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Sheri Lee Page
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Bubble Booh is a character from the land of Virtues who has never known the importance of virtues and was definitely not acting them out. Because of his bad behavior, he had been banished to the land of black and white. Bubble Booh will not be allowed to join in the fun, laughter and games until he is willing to learn the most important lessons of all Kindness, Manners, Sharing, Love and Listening!
Bubble Booh was told by a little girl with colors so bright that in order for him to get his colors back he needed to visit the five villages of virtues and meet the five Kings & learn all thats important to earn his colors back.

Bubble Booh will earn his new blue shoes, new green shirt, new yellow hat, new red jacket and of course end up getting all his color back from head to toe.

Bubble Booh goes through his journey in the land of virtues with pure joy in his heart. He stood proudly in front of the five kings while they gave him his final tests. Bubble Booh passed his tests with flying colors and was accepted back into the land of color to join in with the fun, games, and laughter.