There Is Nothing God Cannot Do
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There Is Nothing God Cannot Do

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WendyB Mpendulo
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There is nothing God cannot do.. the making of a strong God fearing woman is a true life story that talks about the real life daily experiences faced by a young woman who faced opposition, hardship and limitations in all areas of her life and how the power of God is revealed in her life as she continued to trust in God. How the challenges turn out to mould her character and her desire for knowing God the more. From teenage pregnancy to failed relationship and how she turns out to be a star This book reveals the power of God and the power of standing in the word of God. It is not over until God says it is over!
This book is for a young man and woman growing up in the most hopeless situation with dire circumstances with determination to make it in life. For the beautiful employed independent middle class woman who has made it in life but lacks that one thing..
So I ASK MYSELF WHY AM I SO HEARTBROKEN, WHY AM I SO EMPTY, WHY AM I FEELING BETRAYED AND ALL THATare the words she uttered. Read further and be encourage by the works of God that make the seemingly impossible to be possible.
This is my testimony; more written testimonies are coming forth. Never give up, I say never give up, God can do all things.