Love Always
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Love Always

For Love Is All There Is
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Bobby Luckan
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Life is a Mystery
Life is a mystery. We get up every day not knowing. We are sad, happy, sick, healthy, we lose some friends and we also make new ones. We are surprised, disappointed and often we fall but the best part of life is that we have the opportunity and ability to get up and dust ourselves. We are often told not to look at the past as it cannot be changed. This is true and also not true.

Look at the past but do not dwell on it and become stagnant. We should not look at it with regret and anger for having fallen but rather at what made us fall. Look at it as an experience and a lesson and learn from it to change. Challenges will always be confronting and every one of them should be taken with your head held up high. You may or may not succeed but either way it is something that is to be faced.
No institution or literature will ever replace what life teaches for lifes experiences are different to every one of us. Learn from the past so you can change the future to make it a better place not only for you but for everyone else, if possible.

Smile, for thats one of the only things you can give and get for free and always walk with hope and determination if you want final victory for
Love Is All There Is