Day by Day
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Day by Day

Never Knowing the Ending
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Keorapetse Kgomo
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My book is all about my birth, What mother had to go through and the decision she had to make for me to be born. My childhood, the things I had to go through as a child. My dreams as a child and wishs I wished for Growing up with nothing but had something kept me going. Thinking too much of the future, making life more difficult to understand. The sickness that was there in my family and the pain that almost destroyed me. Making wrong decisions with friend, making us think we care for one another. Almost losing myself along the way and almost forgot where I came from. The pain that I lived with every single day. Wanting things that I could not achieve but had the skill/potential to do so? Lacking trust in other people because of some people and lacking love as a sign of been afraid of getting hurt. Obstacles I went through but made me who I am today.