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Something Big Is About to Happen!
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Careca Akarue
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Life can become fascinating to those who decide to fashion it. I made that decision at the point of my life when I realized that I was no longer going to live my destiny by chance but by designing it. That decision produced Eurushaga!
What is it about Eurushaga that has created a study and philosophy that has led to the writing of this book? Why is it fast becoming a strong brand and culture in the global marketplace? You will discover these answers by the time you are finished reading this book.

Eurushaga literally means Something big is about to happen! The word came from my spirit as a source of inspiration for my big dreams, and when all things seem not to be working as planned, I say Eurushaga! It has sustained me and everyone that believes in this philosophy.

It is simply a philosophy of hope for anyone with big dreams and aspirations, and for the genuine entrepreneur, this is an attitude they should cultivate, especially when something goes contrary to their dreams and aspirations.

The only thing that remains constant in life is change. Your situation can change from bad times to good times; from ordinary to extraordinary; from good to great. All things are possible to those who believe.
However, the reality is that most people seem not to make this transition simply because they perceive life with a hopeless attitude. Irrespective of your challenges, believe me when I say, Something big is about to happen.

Opportunities mix with difficulties (Jim Rohn).

I wrote this book not to provide you with information but to share my experiences and the experiences of my success coaches, as well as the secrets and strategies I have learned from the University of Eurushaga (the birthing place of entrepreneurs).

Hopefully, this revelation will transform your mind-set; increase your skill set; empower your decision-making process; and position yourself in such a way that it attracts profitable and driven relationships that will help you achieve landmark success in network marketing and beyond.

Something big is about to happen!