The Cfr
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The Cfr

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Maya Sarfh
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The CFR are here! Lock all doors! Close all windows!
The CFR, a group of four mysterious brothers, are on a missiona mission they began several years ago. This mission means the world to them, but they each have problems concerning their personal lives that hinder them as a team from making progress.

Raymond, the oldest, has to pretend in front of Chris, his four-year-old son, that he and Chriss mom are a happy couple. Allen, the second oldest, committed the biggest mistake ever when he raped his childhood sweetheart without even knowing it. Ethan, the third born, is somewhat a Casanova, and because of this, he and Raymond hardly get along. Lastly, Jeremy, in his final year of high school, maintains a gloomy and reserved demeanor over past issues.

But above all, they have a bond that cannot be broken and a goal to achieve. But how does Allen cope with himself after his grave mistake? Will he ever be forgiven? Until when will Raymond stop the pretense? Will Ethan change his disturbing behavior? Does Jeremy get over whatever that is bothering him?

And what does CFR even mean?