Coup D’État in the Land of Zep Tepi
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Coup D’État in the Land of Zep Tepi

A Progress Report
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If you have ever wondered where the human obsession with the apocalypse comes from, if you ever wanted to know why the world did not come to an end on December 21, 2012, as prophesied by the Mayan calendar and propagated by paranoid apocalyptomaniacs, then Coup dtat in the Land of Zep Tepi: A Progress Report is for you. But why?
In an action-packed volume 1, the most controversial discovery to jump from the midst of mythological time into the twenty-first century exposes information concerning goings-on in ancient Egypt around 1450 BC. Volume 2 of Coup dtat in the Land of Zep Tepi: A Progress Report picks up narrative threads of the ongoing search for clues as to how and why the Bachwezi staged an outfiltration to off-worldly realms.

This edition of the report traces the outlines of even more shocking revelations unearthed, of all places, in Darfur. The search for a lost Story Hunter takes on new and increasingly surreal dimensions when one-legged angels start dropping in from the thin blue Darfuri desert sky.

Nevertheless, volume 2 forges ahead with Buiteboers original plan, which is to complete the report in the eye-span of one night. Immersed in hotly contested historical and geographical space, the completion of the hunt for Story Hunter jumps from Darfur to Khartoum in an unlikely night ride that takes the report into the thick of off-worldly goings-on and beyond the vertigo-filled zones occupied by the waghdas in volume 1.

Will Story Hunter be extracted back to earth from the off-worldly realms? Will Giovanni Neros search be met by success, or are they bound to disappear into the murky netherworlds, where pitched battles are being fought for control over territory in the fields of myth? In these pages, we will learn that the ancient gods of Egypt are reaching across space and vast regions of time to stay the hand of the ticking time bomb lodged in the Mayan calendars codes. Will the report come up with a plausible explanation for the world not coming to an end on December 21, 2012?