In Search of Purpose
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In Search of Purpose

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Ola Barnabas
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Man is not here because the earth needs someone to occupy space. Everyone is created because there is a question his/her life must be an answer to, a solution his/her life must solve, and an assignment to carry out. Thats exactly why almost everyone comes to the point of asking themselves: Who am I? Why am I here on earth? Where am I going to?
This book shows that a mans identity goes beyond his name or background. Spiritual, philosophical, and psychological tools were engaged to help everyone discover who they really are and the purpose of their existence on earth. No single book has been able to combine these perspectives in a simple language like this book. The author tasks his over ten years of experience in helping to guide several hundreds of people whom he directly mentors and thousands others whom he influences in indirect forms to produce a book that could be considered a true guide for searching, pursuing, and fulfilling ones purpose for living.