Codes of Forgiveness
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Codes of Forgiveness

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Nkosinathi Malevu
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Apostle N. I. Malevu wrote this book after discovering how less people knew about biblical principles governing forgiveness. This book will not only teach the reader about principles of forgiveness, but it will enable the reader to see what forgiveness is not. There are many books written about forgiveness and sermons preached about forgiveness, and it seems like there is enough information on this subject already.
Now the question is, why should you read this book? With the information you know, if you do not know these biblical truths, this book is a must-read for you.

1. There are people you cannot forgive even when you want to. This is a biblical truth.
2. You cannot forgive beyond your authority. This too is a biblical truth.
3. The feeling that a person should get what he deserves is not wrong, but escaping its trap is crucial. This book will equip you with vital information that will enable you to do just that.

This book will also show you what forgiveness is not. For an example, forgiveness is not releasing negative emotions toward a person who offended you. Apostle N. I. Malevu wrote this book to set you free from inaccurate knowledge that brings bondage and depression all in the name of forgiveness. It is guaranteed that you cannot read this book and remain the same. God made forgiving to be very easy, but the enemy made it look like it is a hard thing to do. Know the truth, and it will set you free.

Graham Oosthuis is senior pastor of Bergville Christian Church and a founder and general overseer of Bergville Christian Academy. This is what he said about this book: Sin initially hurt all of mankind and hurt people hurt people! This perpetuating cycle of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth interactions with one another has fed and nourished the evil spirit of revenge, conflict, and war across the globe. Jesus came and threw a spanner into the works of this social virus by introducing, displaying, and teaching on the great art of forgiveness. I have personally known Apostle Malevu, his wife, and ministry for many years, and I find his energy and integrity in ministry both refreshing and inspiring. I believe that his revelation on the vital subject of forgiveness is unique, enlightening, and above all, liberating. I heartily recommend his book and trust that many of the readers will be released from the emotional and spiritual dungeons that imprison multitudes of believers in the trauma of misunderstanding, confusion, and guilt.