Communication Skills in English
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Communication Skills in English

Suggested Reading for the Media, Schools and Colleges
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A. K. S. Deima-Nyaho
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This book is an attempt to satisfy the needs of all those who use English, especially journalists, by definition, and also all persons who work in the media as producers, writers, announcers, program officers, and readers. It is aimed at benefiting all persons connected with the media by employment other than the technical personnel. Specifically, the book is therefore primarily aimed at helping such persons as reporters, the rewrite men or subeditors, feature writers, and/or editors. Even newscasters or readers may also find it useful. By the media, therefore, is meant to refer to the newspaper, magazines, radio, and television. It may also be useful to film producers and actors who use English as their tool except if there is the need or deliberate cause to deviate from the normal usage.