Because of You, I Learned to Truly Love
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Because of You, I Learned to Truly Love

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Abdul Haque Essop
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Love is not just about using the word to silence your partner in questioning any uncertainties or great concerns. But love should be shown in your actions to eliminate every doubt. It is not about giving your partner the most expensive gift that money can buy. But it has to do with the littlest of things thus showing your love for them, which becomes priceless. Ultimately, love has no price tag because money can buy you a good time, but love enriches your body, mind, heart, and soul.
For a healthy relationship, refrain from hurting your partner in a manner whereby lying and cheating can totally destroy your relationship. Always remember not to hurt and break a heart that was meant to only love you. In the end, you can stand to lose that love and the person who stood by you, although they know your flaws and still completely accepted you.

It is important to note that you shouldnt fool yourself by thinking that you have fooled a person by deceiving and lying to that person who truly loves you and cares about you. Only with time will it be your own guilt that will make you realize that this person always knew, and yet they have constantly forgiven you. Finally, you will certainly hurt when the day you lose that person forever by knowing that you continuously broke their trust. Take heed. When you love from your soul and someone breaks you down completely then those invisible tears become the most difficult to wipe away.

To sum up my message to the world, this is my deepest and sincerest belief: Love is not who loves the other more or less but to whether your love for each other is sincere and true. Love is not who was there only when you always smiled but who was there to make you feel better when you broke down and cried. Love is not about who is right or wrong but how you work on the issues and keep your love growing strong. Love is not how many times you thought to walk away but how long you stayed in love and kept your relationship alive.