Baptism with the Holy Spirit
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Baptism with the Holy Spirit

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Ephraim D Khumalo
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The Spirit of the Lord nowadays is being poured without measure because God longs and desires to see his church moving in strong anointing in demonstrating his power in signs and wonders. He expects his church to graduate from glory to glory and from strength to strength to usher back the King of Kings and the Lord of LordsJesus Christ.
Are you hungry for Gods power? Are you thirsty for the presence of God in your life? Do you desire to walk in the supernatural, having victorious results in all that you do? Do you want the baptism of the fire? If so, you need this book.

Understanding Gods purpose for the baptism with the Holy Ghost is a must-read book for all who desire to live in the power and presence of God.

Now is the time for you to see results in your life. Now is the time for you to know Gods power. Now is the time for understanding Gods purpose for the power of the Holy Ghost! If you are truly hungry, get ready to be filled.