No Sweat No Sweet for the Apostles
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No Sweat No Sweet for the Apostles

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Sister Tamarah N P Ngqobe
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Unity is power. With this slogan, I beg to intrude in the minds of all father apostles near, far, and across the world with a plea, to consider uniting the apostlehood for Gods sake.
This is not meant to disrespect any of them, but its a humble plea based on Ephesians 4:37, 1 Corinthians 1:1117, and the difficulty most brothers and sisters who go about preaching gospel have in answering the frequently asked question Which ones of you then are the true apostles? If one has never met that question, he or she has not been to it.

Religion is too broad for anyone to understand, but streamlined down to only God, it is very simple. The worst complication starts with the many different church names and their cultures. If you find it confusing, turn to God. He has all the answers.

With Gods guidance, this cannot be a problem because it is not going to affect the congregations ledno swapping, demotion or promotion, but for the apostlehood to be clean, true, and devoted the way Jesus Christ illustrated it. This does not cost a thing. Most world eventslike sports, for exampleare united by rules, loving, knowing, and valuing one anothers existence. Worse with this, there may be no need for an office as Gods office is enough. Its as simple as all that.