No Man’S Land
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No Man’S Land

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Mathew Joseph
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John and Tomaz stepped feet on Earth. This is Tomazs first travel, and his eyes are wide open with excitement. He is going to see, feel, and experience new things. But he does not seem to be pleased with the first look. Tomaz is all set to witness new things that are different from where he comes from. Tomaz is filled with curiosity. He has a million questions to ask John. Tomaz shoots. John has all the answers.Even though the earth is miniscule compared to other stars and planets in this universe, we the human beings divided it into many smaller fragments of land and then further again divide it into ethnics and communities subdivided into even smaller denominations based on manmade differences. John analyzes and explains, how some countries apply and use common sense to improve their countries living standards and provide a better environment for its inhabitants and at the same time some countries use the worst possible methods of planning & construction which leads to the path of self-destruction,
"They claim that the souls go through evolution."