Forbidden Gorge
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Forbidden Gorge

And Other Tales
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C. N. Nageswara Rao
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The author is a retired engineer from Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. He has deep passion for literature. He is a prolific reader and a dedicated writer. He has penned quite a few works. His self-published works include Telling Tales for Rising Stars, Tips for Excellence in Studies, How to Study for Success in Examinations and The Secret of Success in Life. He has more books on fiction and non-fiction for release in near future. Tales in this book, a treasure trove of 125 motivational tales, are small in size, but big in effect. They are tales of all times, embedded with crystals of illuminating thought with universal appeal. They expound profoundly on art of living, personality development and living for greatness. They deal with myriad subjects concerning work life, family relations, social contacts, good and bad beliefs, human psychology, self-development, living in peace with other living creatures on earth, protecting nature and harmonising individual self with society at large. They are message oriented. They bring into spotlight various overlooked aspects of life, sound a clarion call to arrest attention of readers and make them think. They help broaden outlook of readers and groom them into global citizens.
The tales are meant for one and all, youngsters and adults, all alike. They are for learners that want to learn lessons from life, parents and teachers that want to teach their wards moral values in life, speakers that insert tales in between their speeches to break monotony and general readers that like things of beauty in literature.
The tales, with themes handpicked from real life incidents as well as realms of fantasy, and characters drawn from divergent walks of life, are all set to amuse, ameliorate, educate, enlighten, enthuse, enthral and inspire readers.