God's Vineyard Israel
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God's Vineyard Israel

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Desiree Van Niekerk
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Gods Vineyard, Israel is a book about Gods relationship with Israel. It is an exposition of Israels spiritual condition, starting with Gods deliverance of Israel from slavery and His ongoing intervention in their lives up to their spiritual decline.According to 1 Corinthians 10:11, Israel serves as an example for instruction for those upon whom the end of the ages have come, i.e. those who live in the latter days. Israels turning to idolatry, false gods and syncretism (the fusion of holy with unholy) led to their falling away from God. The same falling away of the church is mentioned by Paul in the second book of Th essalonians which is indicative of the time toward the end of the age or the fulfillment of the times of the Gentiles.
A clear pattern emerges from those who are delivered from the kingdom of darkness into salvation and then the yearning for their previous condition. After God delivered Israel from Egypt, the Israelites yearned for their past. Thereby, the repeated exhortation from Jesus Christ and others in the New Testament serve to explain the necessity to persevere unto the end.
The similarity between ancient Israel and the modern church is noteworthy and one can only understand what is and will happen to the church through the example of Israel. This instruction is not only prophetic but serves as clear instruction and warning for modern believers.
An analysis of idolatry and the consequences thereof explain the past, current and future probability of life as we know it. Contrary to world opinion of the causes and solutions to pollution, the Bible clearly states that it is the spiritual condition of mankind that determines the state of the earth.
The Old Testament asserts that when Israel repented God often relented of the calamities He intended to send to them due to their idolatry. Gods Vineyard, Israel makes for interesting and relevant reading for all people and often provides Gods perspective rather than peoples opinions or speculations.

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