Angel Babies Ii
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Angel Babies Ii

Zyxven the Sanctuary of Haven
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Clive Alando Taylor
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Not only as an Author but also as an Artist it has always been for me a hard and enduring task to attempt to reflect the true nature or depth of clarity needed, to not only address my own personal struggle with the truth with which I have felt compelled to try to bring into the light, but also to address within the context of this semi-religious story, an attempt to try to explain or at least define a universal truth if only to demonstrate to my readership a somewhat unorthodox approach to a perception of reality that we all question concerning our lives every day, as well as our love, and our losses, and our mortality, and our relationships with each other. As I know that these thoughts and ideas are not simply mine alone, or simply unique to me in my own enduring experience, and so I can only hope and pray that I have at least found a trace of commonality in the writing of this book, that can help to assist and to allow my readership to take particular note of the messages to be found in this the final chapter of the Angel Babies. Clive Alando Taylor

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