The Magic Seeds
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The Magic Seeds

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'The Magic Seeds' is an urban fairy tale. It was inspired by a what-if game played by the authors (a mother/son team). What if the toy gemstone the son was playing with was actually real? While riding home every day after school, the authors thought about this question and created a lovely story about a little boy and his mother and how a pack of magic seeds changed their lives.
'The Magic Seeds' is a fantastical story about a modern-day urban family that faces the average daily challenges that many people face. However, in this story -- as in all fairy tales -- there's a very happy ending.

'The Magic Seeds' does not have goblins, giants, or evil stepmothers in it. What it does touch on are real-life situations such as finding good childcare, spending quality time with your children as a single parent and making the best of your situation.

By reading 'The Magic Seeds' you and your family will smile and laugh at the way little Johnny creates fun in his life and recognizes his mother's determination to do her best to give her son a great childhood -- on a budget!
This is a feel-good story that will remind you that it's the small things that truly matter most.

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