Easyread Mathematics for Junior Secondary Schools 1
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Easyread Mathematics for Junior Secondary Schools 1

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I. Y. Hali
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EasyRead Mathematics for Junior Secondary Schools is a doing it yourself mathematics series that is written for pupils with learning difficulties in mathematics. This series of books is easytoread and easytounderstand; as the style used in writing the texts is a stepbystep approach and the explanations used in presenting those steps are extremely easy to follow. This series of books is written not just to add to the number of the existing mathematics textbooks on the shelf, but to be a candle that will lighten the paths of millions of pupils whose paths have been darkened by fear of mathematics as a subject. The author makes this series of books user friendly to pupils who never gave mathematics a show of love, and so appealing to pupils with little or no prior knowledge of mathematics before now.
In the beginning, God created man with a sense of numbers, said Hali. This sentence is meant to mean more than a quotation that is rightly said by the author in this series of books. This supplies the key which opens pupils understanding to mathematics as a whole and pupils passion for mathematics as a subject. Taking the pupils on this wondrous journey through making the unknown known-man is born with an inbuilt knowledge of mathematics-Hali teaches pupils in the course of this series of books, how to use their minds and imaginations in improving their personal knowledge of mathematics and in preparing themselves toward achieving personal excellent grades on Junior High School Mathematics.
In this charming volume (EasyRead Mathematics for Junior Secondary Schools I), the author features hundreds carefully selected examples and imaginative exercises with solutions to all the carefully selected examples, and answers to all the imaginative exercises.

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