The Glacier

The Glacier
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Two agents disembarked somewhere at the latitudes 74-75N and disappeared in the cold white world. Nobody had ever heard about them from then. Twenty years later a team of best glaciologists of the country of Russia went to high latitudes of Arctic. They all were enthusiastic scientists under the leadership of talented young doctor of science, Vladimir Ustinov, looking with excitement for new discoveries on the largest in the Northern Hemisphere glacier of Greenland. They did it. The glacier was not cold; it was hot. The scientist had realized long time ago that the whole Greenland Ice Sheet was in fact one huge thousands of trillion tones glacier. However, the twisted minds of the others became curious about this phenomenon for the absolutely remote from the science reason. The great discovery was about to become a source of the greatest tragedy in the present world. The earth crust rift zones if stimulated provoked or rather evoked for activity could shift and move to plow everything on its way across North American continent. A resolute struggle with destructive forces set upon Arctic - in the abyssal of Greenland Sea and on the Hot Glacier

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