Over There

Over There
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Robert Schoenfeld
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This is an unusual and fascinating journey taken by Doctor Robert Schoenfeld to obtain his medical degree in the mid and latter part of the 1950s. In pursuit of his goals, he found himself facing difficult and seemingly impossible obstacles. The story follows Bob from his last year at College, through medical school in Europe and then to his return to Switzerland as Doctor Robert Schoenfeld, decades later. It describes in detail, all the ups and downs during his almost six years as a medical student. He has included many photographs of events and places that are described in the text, which gives the reader a better understanding of his adventures, as well as the magnificent and enthralling scenery that surrounded him during his exciting years abroad. As a college student, if Bob were asked if he could go to a foreign medical school, live in a land where the languages were unfamiliar, where the medical courses were given in either French or German, (which he could neither speak nor understand) and all examinations were oral and yet graduate on time with his doctorate, he would undoubtedly say, youre crazy, it cant be done! Take the trip with Doctor Schoenfeld, and read about the problems he encountered. Enjoy the laughs, and discover the drama, romance, and also the despair, that almost drove him to leave and to what actually made him stay and finally persevere. Go, Over There, and read this very colorful and captivating true human interest story. Doctor Schoenfeld founded and ran a successful group practice on Long Island for the past forty years, and has only recently been semi-retired. He maintains a strong interest in photography and has had two successful photographic exhibits in one of New York Citys most prestigious art galleries, The National Art Club, in Gramercy Park. He married Ursula his Swiss Miss and has three children and four grandchildren, and yes, it all began with a voyage to, Over There

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