When Destiny Comes to a Fork in the Road
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When Destiny Comes to a Fork in the Road

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David Cauthen
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What is your lifes purpose, your reason for being here, and how do you know what it is? Do you have a destiny, and, if so, how was that determined? How do you reach it? Are there choices, and if so, how does one make them? Is there a power which steers you down the right path toward your destiny, tells you
which fork in the road to take? What difference in the grand scheme of things will your life make?

The author asked himself the same questions, over and over, throughout most of his seventy-seven years, and only recently has he learned the answers.

In When Destiny Comes to a Fork in the Road, Demus, the authors guardian angel, describes the authors thoughts, words, and actions as he travels down
lifes road, seeking to discover his reason for being, his calling, his destiny. Share with him his happiness and sadness, emotions, indecision,
uncertainty, discoveries, accomplishments, failures, his experiences, the people he met on his lifes journey and his quest to learn and to fulfill his
destiny, and his eventual understanding of the meaning of his life.