I Want to Do It Right
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I Want to Do It Right

Keepin' It Real
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Linda M. Dillard
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This book was written in an attempt to show people how to witness in order to win souls for Christ, without being crude and intimidating. It is important that the souls that we are trying to win see the hope of their salvation. The grace of God is so magnificent that it will usually invite repentance. The Bible states that the Word of God is of no private interpretation and that salvation is free to all. Being afraid of going to hell is not a good enough reason for wanting to be saved. As a matter of fact, it is a pretty poor one. God wants us to serve Him in Spirit and in truth, simply because we love Him. He knows the intent of our hearts, yet, He has given us free will. We will never have true joy and peace if the only reason that we are in church is to avoid going to hell. Attendance without dedication is merely works; which according to the book of James mean nothing without faith. An effective witness will have a testimony of his or her own to share with their subject, thus, presenting a glorious invitation to the family of God. I feel that the methodology addressed in this book will be as effective to the one who is doing the witnessing, as it will be to the one who will be receiving the witness. Not everyone will have an ear to hear, so, tell those who will listen.