A Lifetime of Memories

A Lifetime of Memories
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Thelma Fullwood
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To have been created by God to be able to withstand the trauma of losing a family member is tribute to the wisdom of our Creator. He has given us the tenacity to go on beyond the grief and sorrow. We have the capacity to continue our lives with renewed knowledge and confidence in Him. That innate ability allows us to be able to continue in a resource of hope. This hope is that catalyst we use to grow from despair to greater anticipation and expectation.As adults, we must remember the impact of losing a loved one, and realize that children also carry a pain that is just as real as our own. Loss can carry with it a force that can be detrimental to their future growth and development as well. Only when we realize this, can we see the need to be as attentive, and as sensitive, to their needs in grief and sorrow as we would be to adults.In this story, Margies Aunt Clara loves the fact that Margie looks and acts so much as she did at her age. An added bonus is that her own daughter, Gloria, who is close in age, has a sister/sister relationship with Margie that has developed over the years. Aunt Clara feels that she has been blessed with two wonderful daughters that create happiness in her life.Then, Margie hears that an old illness of Aunt Claras has resurfaced and she is almost devastated. Much of who she now is, is a direct result of the time she has spent and wisdom she has gained from Aunt Clara. Can Margie continue on with her life of vibrancy and stability? We find out through the assistance of another friend, Ms. Winn, who is widowed, in "A Lifetime of Memories".

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