The Aspect of Love Life
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The Aspect of Love Life

Natasa To
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Natasa To
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As a child in South Vietnam, poet Natasa To never dreamed that a home across the globe could inspire poetry within her. But after moving to the United States as a teenager, To be struck by the awe-inspiring changes each aspect of love life that love ushered in, like all the aspects of love life. It was this awe that compelled To to honor the majesty of Virginia for lovers in the form of poetry. Inspired by many Vietnamese poets like Nguyen Du, Huy Can, and Xuan Dieu before her Natasa Tos poetry makes us know all love life with every aspect such as the love of peace,Buddha,feelings and the all the aspect of love life. Touching upon subjects like love life, and the beauty love all around us, the poems of Aspects of Love Life speak a universal language about love, and what it means to be love life of human being.