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Scotty Ware
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Adobe Digital Editions
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Its 2004; three years after the attacks on New York and DC, Saddam Hussein is dead and the hunt for Osama bin Laden goes on. But there are more pressing matters for newly appointed General of the Project - Tylen Starwind.Called back to help train younger created Starwind, Tylen also learns something disturbing. Someone has leaked information about the United States best kept secret since WWII ended; the Project.
In addition his personal relationship with Brieona Kim is on the ropes as well as a new advisor to the President to absorb, Tylen feels overwhelmed with his new responsibilities. After all, he wasnt created for politics he was created to keep the United States safe; he was created as a Special Tactical Assault and Rescue Warrior (an) Independent Nation Detachment.
Keeping this black ops division a secret is important and every subject of the Project is willing to lay down their life to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.
Unbeknownst to Tylen and the Project, Dach is trying everything in his power to expose the Project that not only killed his Unit years back but the Monster who killed his brother; and as luck would have it, Dach has a cousin who works for the Project.
Welcome to a world of spies, genetically enhanced soldiers and secrets. Forget what you thought you knew about the USA. Welcome, to the Project.