E.Mbrace D.Evotion G.Enerate E.Xcellence Fitness Program
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E.Mbrace D.Evotion G.Enerate E.Xcellence Fitness Program

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Michael Giliotti
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E.mbrace D.evotion G.enerate E.xcellence is primarily designed to provide people of all fitness levels an exercise program that will enhance functional movement, increase lean muscle, decrease body fat and improve overall performance in all areas of your life. In addition, we want to ensure that even beginners can utilize this program and avoid the guesswork which comes with most exercise programs. The workouts provided in the manual are specifically designed for the bodypart training enthusiast. There are many styles of exercise but I have experienced the most of amount of success both client and personal training this style. The manual provides over sixty workouts that are unique from each other with a goal to increase endurance, musculature, size and strength while reducing body fat and problem areas.
When I first decided to build this manual, I had one goal in mind. Help people understand that individual bodypart training can be just as creative and exciting as any fitness trend out there. The manual will provide many techniques to target all your muscles in many different ways. I've always believed in changing the workout no matter how good it was. The main reason is so I'm constantly shocking the muscle. The other reason is so that you are never overworking one area of your muscle. You will be balanced in all areas which will help you avoid having weak areas in your physique which is common with most people because they tend to concentrate on their stronger areas more than weak areas. The theme of each workout can be used more than once with a simple plug and play approach for different exercises.
In addition, you will the nutrition section will help you get started on making better choices and understanding how nutrition plays a key role to your success.
I have been in the fitness industry since I am 15 years old. I have nationally top ranked certifications in all areas of exercise ranging from general fitness to sports therapy and performance. Combined with 18 years of experience this manual is going to provide you with proven methods to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible. I want others to realize all they can accomplish for their health and fitness. My passion for fitness and the knowledge I have acquired through my research creates a link in people's lives that will allow them to connect to their best self, leading them to a happier and healthier life.